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Sonicrealms are a group of Artists, Producers, Engineers and educators who are dedicated to providing a one-stop place to find all your music and music technology related resources. How many times have you trawled the Internet to find the latest loop packs, virtual instruments and plugins, MIDI files, Virtual synth presets, tutorials and support, advice and guidance, reviews of hardware and software etc.? Sonicrealms aims to provide all of these and more to our customers and subscribers.

29th Apr 2015 10:50 pm Social Media


Go and visit our social media sites. It's where you'll get all the latest updates, competitions, tutorials and more.

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29th Apr 2015 8:31 pm PRE-LAUNCH EXCLUSIVE



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9th Dec 2014 8:13 pm It's Here! - SR3000XL



The SR3000XL is an experimental synth that attempts to emulate the methods used in the early days of digital synthesis by using single cycle waveforms to 'build' a sound from the ground up. By having total control over each oscillator's envelope, you can create a wide variety of instruments; ranging from piano, organ, strings, pads and percussive sounds.


  • 4 Wavetable Oscillators with 256 waves (2 banks with 128 wave types in each bank)
  • DADSR for each oscillator with velocity sensing and Fast attack and decay modes
  • Octave selector for each oscillator
  • Interval selector for each oscillator (create one finger chords)
  • Fine tune for each oscillator
  • Pan for each oscillator
  • 1 Noise Oscillator with DADSR and velocity sensing and fast attack and decay modes
  • Dedicated LFO for Noise oscillator
  • Dedicated filter for Noise oscillator
  • 3 LFO's - 2 Free and 1 sync
  • 2 State Variable filters(Low/High Pass option)
  • ADSR envelope generator on each filter with envelope amount
  • 4 effects types - Flanger, Drive, Chorus and Delay
  • Routable Keyboard Tracking
  • Routable Modulation wheel
  • Mono Mode
  • Glide (Portamento)
  • Pitch bend range

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