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It's Here! - SR3000XL
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The SR3000XL is an experimental synth that attempts to emulate the methods used in the early days of digital synthesis by using single cycle waveforms to 'build' a sound from the ground up. By having total control over each oscillator's envelope, you can create a wide variety of instruments; ranging from piano, organ, strings, pads and percussive sounds.

  • 4 Wavetable Oscillators with 256 waves (2 banks with 128 wave types in each bank)
  • DADSR for each oscillator with velocity sensing and Fast attack and decay modes
  • Octave selector for each oscillator
  • Interval selector for each oscillator (create one finger chords)
  • Fine tune for each oscillator
  • Pan for each oscillator
  • 1 Noise Oscillator with DADSR and velocity sensing and fast attack and decay modes
  • Dedicated LFO for Noise oscillator
  • Dedicated filter for Noise oscillator
  • 3 LFO's - 2 Free and 1 sync
  • 2 State Variable filters(Low/High Pass option)
  • ADSR envelope generator on each filter with envelope amount
  • 4 effects types - Flanger, Drive, Chorus and Delay
  • Routable Keyboard Tracking
  • Routable Modulation wheel
  • Mono Mode
  • Glide (Portamento)
  • Pitch bend range
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